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10 Tips To Meditate Every Day To Reduce Stress

Working Vacation Photo credit: Pixabay

Working Vacation Photo credit: Pixabay

Does today’s fast-changing technology, non-stop barrage of information and “always on” social media make your head spin? You’re not alone. It seems almost impossible to keep up with everything and everyone these days. Juggling work, family, personal life – and an epidemic of multi-tasking and constant busyness in our lifestyles has become the norm. Even while on vacation, how many can’t resist texting, checking emails, or posting on social? It’s no surprise that stress levels are through the roof.

So how do you deal with all this noise, disruption and technology-related stress?

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Spirit Rock Meditation Center – Fun One-Day Buddhist Zen Retreat in Marin, CA

Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Marin, CA - © LoveToEatAndTravel.com

Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Marin, CA – © LoveToEatAndTravel.com

“Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to be except exactly who you’re being right now.”

Special birthdays deserve special celebrations. This year, I decided to do something of a spiritual nature to celebrate my birthday – so, instead of stuffing my face (I love to eat), I decided to feed my soul (how Californian does that sound)!

Wanting to share the experience, my husband Barry agreed to join me for an all-day silent “Insight Meditation” Retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Insight Meditation (“Vipassana”) is a simple technique that begins with focusing attention on your breath – a practice that can lead to better concentration and a calmer mind, ultimately allowing one to be more fully present and aware in each moment.

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