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Olive Season Sonoma Valley – Feast of the Olive Dinner


We recently attended Sonoma Valley’s “Feast of the Olive Dinner” – an extraordinary dining experience that attracts olive, food and wine aficionados from around the world. The annual dinner is held during Sonoma Valley Olive Season (January through February) – a two-month long wine country celebration featuring all things olive. The Feast of the Olive Dinner is so aptly named because it brings together 18 of Sonoma Valley’s top chefs and every bite of their incredible olive-inspired culinary creations was a feast to our palettes!

The intimate 150-person dinner was held in the stunning Vineyard Room at Ramekins Culinary School, nestled in downtown Sonoma. At first sight, the long expansive tables (which were set to perfection) looked like a scene out of a State Dinner. Each table had a dedicated team of executive chefs who prepared a unique five-course dinner of scrumptious olive-inspired dishes – and each course was paired with award-winning Sonoma Valley wines.

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