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Grand Central Station – Gourmet Food Market, Restaurants & Shops

New York - Grand Central Station, NY New York - Grand Central Market, NY

(Update: On December 9, 2011, Apple opened one of its biggest stores at Grand Central, overlooking the historic main concourse of the terminal (formerly Métrazur, Charlie Palmer’s restaurant, which is now closed).

Grand Central Station is so much more than just a train terminal – the New York City landmark is a fun destination for tourists and locals alike… and definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been there recently.

Who would believe there’s a Gourmet Food Market in the middle of a train station? It’s a fun place to browse and shop for fresh fish, seafood, produce, grilled vegetables, chocolates, specialty coffees, home-made breads, yummy pastries – even Murray’s famous cheeses and salami!

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