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Top 10 World’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions – Are Your Favorites Among Them?

Niagara Falls - view from Canadian side

Check out the “Top 10 World’s Most Visited Tourist Attractions” according to a recent survey by Travel + Leisure magazine before planning your next vacation or weekend getaway. You may be surprised to see what made the list – I know we were!
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Fun New York Wineries – Niagara Wine Trail (Napa Valley of the East)

During a recent visit to Buffalo (New York), we enjoyed a FUN day of wine-tasting at award-winning New York wineries dotted along the Niagara Wine Trail. Many people may not be aware of this particular East Coast wine region — there’s more to Buffalo and its surrounding areas than chicken wings and Niagara Falls!

Touted as the newest and one of the fastest-growing wine trails in New York state, the Niagara Wine Trail is on its way to becoming the “Napa Valley of the East.” In fact, the area reminded us of how Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley used to be years ago (in the early 70s) before they both became world-class wine and tourist destinations (crowded and expensive). What better time than now to visit the Niagara Wine Trail!

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