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Top 20+ Fun Things To Do in Napa Valley Wine Country – Wineries, Restaurants, Attractions

Napa Valley is one of our favorite getaways – we love playing tourist there! We’re lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it’s only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the city (about one hour north of SF) to the scenic wine country – it makes a great day trip, romantic weekend or vacation. If you’re visiting San Francisco from out-of-town, Napa Valley is a “must-see” destination.

Napa Valley Wine Country is beautiful year-round. However, the most interesting time to visit the area is during the Harvest Season, or “Crush” (when the grapes are picked) – late Summer into Fall (August-October). Note: The Harvest Season can vary due to climate. This year’s fairly cool summer in Napa means that the harvest will be later than usual, most likely not starting until after Labor Day (September 6 — for our international readers).

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Top 20+ Fun Things To Do in Napa Valley Wine Country, California

There’s much to do and see in Napa Valley Wine Country, especially if it’s your first visit. We get calls from around the world asking for our recommendations – where to eat, where to stay, best spas, fun wineries, tours and tastings… so we’ve put together a list (by town) and a brief description (in no particular order) of some of Our Top 20+ Favorite and Fun Things To Do in Napa Valley.

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