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Trieste: A City on the Edge

This post was written by Evelyn Pearce, who is a freelance writer from Devon in the U.K.

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A typical trip to Italy might encompass visits to Rome, Venice or the beautiful seaside town of Florence. As fascinating as these more well-known cities are, however, there are some lesser-known treasures to be found in Italy. One such gemstone is Trieste. Situated in the north-eastern most corner of Italy, Trieste is a seaport city that sits on a narrow passage of the country that borders with Slovenia.

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Crotone: Italy’s Intriguing Coastal Gem

This post was written by Evelyn Pearce, who is a freelance writer from Devon in the U.K.

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When compared with the likes of Rome, Florence and Venice, Crotone is one of Italy’s lesser-known cities. However, the picturesque seaside comune is stooped with a rich history and culture. Founded in Ancient Greek times at around 710 BC by a leader called Myscellus, it quickly became one of the most affluent and populous cities of the Magna Graecia region, and was well known for the physical strength of its men and simple but hard-working way of life. Croton, as it was then known, went on to produce many famous Olympians through the centuries, such as Milo of Croton, which further affirmed the city’s reputation as a strong and powerful force.

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World’s Best Cities – Top 10 Overall, Europe’s Top 10 and U.S. & Canada’s Top 10 Cities

Bangkok, Thailand

Every year we look forward to Travel & Leisure’s “World’s Best Awards.” We love it when our “City by the Bay” makes the list – and our hometowns too (London and New York)! And of course we always like to see if our favorite destinations are mentioned 🙂

Looks like one of our cities made the “Overall Best Cities” list – can you guess which one? Two made it into the Top 10 U.S Cities (way to go, San Francisco!)… and one of our all-time favorite destinations (Florence) ranked highly in two categories. Continue reading

Tickle your taste buds by taking a trip to Italy

For a holiday that truly tickles your taste buds, there is nowhere quite like Italy.

The country has a rich food history, spanning from medieval times right through to the modern day and has created dishes that have become popular all over the globe.

If you want to get a flavour of where leading chefs such as Aldo Zilli and Michelin-starred Gualtiero Marchesi have got their inspiration from, you might want to take in the following cities.

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Top International Cities – Top 10 Europe, Top 10 Asia

Italy - Statue of David in Florence  Italy - Alana & Barry in gondola on honeymoon in Venice

Can you guess which European and Asian cities topped Conde Nast Travelers Readers’ Choice Awards?

The Top 10 European Cities and Top 10 Asian Cities include those that are famous for their history, art, culture, architecture, breathtaking scenery, shopping, nightlife and fabulous food. Check out the top cities around the world before planning your next vacation.

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Rome Tip: Take an Open-Air Double Decker Bus Tour to see the sights of Rome

What a great way to see Rome’s top attractions in a short time, especially if it’s your first visit! We like to take Double-Decker Bus Tours when traveling to different cities. You can hop-on-and-off at your leisure and then go back to the places you want to spend more time visiting.

Rome’s open-air double-decker buses give you a full 360-degree panoramic view of the sights as you travel along your route. Choose from a 24 or 48-hour ticket with which to make use of the 17 stops in the most beautiful, cultural and historic areas of the Eternal city. The tour operates 365 days per year. It’s very good value for your money.

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Fun European Vacation – Italy

Get a jump start on planning your next European vacation. Visit Italy, one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Explore Florence, Venice and Rome – three of our favorite Italian cities:)

Take a scenic drive along the romantic Amalfi Coast, visit the beautiful Italian Riviera, or enjoy wine-tasting in Tuscany. Whatever you do…have FUN!

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