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Visit Downton Abbey when in London – Tours to Highclere Castle


Downton Abbey Highclere Castle - London - Google Map

If you’re a Downton Abbey fan (and we are big time), you won’t want to miss seeing the “real Downton Abbey” the next time you visit London. Highclere Castle is the real-life inspiration and setting for the popular Emmy-award winning show.  Since 1679, the Carnarvon family have lived in the castle (keep a lookout for the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon when you visit). The beautiful Victorian castle is located in Hampshire about 90 minutes (depending on traffic) from London (see Google map) – after watching the TV show, we were curious exactly where Downton Abbey was located in relation to London, so we added the map with the castle location highlighted.

Highclere Castle is open to the public for only a few days each month.

Here are three options to see Downton Abbey: Group Tour, Private Tour or Self-Guided Tour (rent a car and drive yourself):

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