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Giant Pandas, Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City – Must-See Beijing Attractions!

If you’re lucky enough to be going to Beijing’s 2008 Summer Olympics – or visiting China later this year, there are so many FUN Things To Do and See during your vacation. Take a Beijing City Tour or Day Trip. Visit Beijing Zoo to see the frolicking Pandas. Walk along the Great Wall of China and tour the Forbidden City. Whatever you do, have FUN!

Fun Beijing Attractions

Beijing City Tours & Day Trips

Giant Pandas at Beijing Zoo

Great Wall of China

Forbidden City


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2008 Summer Olympics, Fun Beijing City Sightseeing Tours and 8.8.08 Gifts

If you’re planning on visiting Beijing during the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympics – or at any other time this year – you won’t believe how much there is to do and see. There are more attractions in Beijing than in any other city in China. Trek along sections of the Great Wall of China, tour the Forbidden City, visit historic Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven… and check out the adorable Pandas at Beijing Zoo.

Fun Beijing City Tours & Great Wall of China Sightseeing Tours

Beijing & Great Wall of China Gifts

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

“2008” and “8.8.08” Gifts


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