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Crotone: Italy’s Intriguing Coastal Gem

This post was written by Evelyn Pearce, who is a freelance writer from Devon in the U.K.

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When compared with the likes of Rome, Florence and Venice, Crotone is one of Italy’s lesser-known cities. However, the picturesque seaside comune is stooped with a rich history and culture. Founded in Ancient Greek times at around 710 BC by a leader called Myscellus, it quickly became one of the most affluent and populous cities of the Magna Graecia region, and was well known for the physical strength of its men and simple but hard-working way of life. Croton, as it was then known, went on to produce many famous Olympians through the centuries, such as Milo of Croton, which further affirmed the city’s reputation as a strong and powerful force.

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