4th of July Parades

4th of July – Independence Day Celebrations & Fireworks

Updated 2017  Happy 4th of July! Time to fire up the BBQ and feast on your favorite 4th of July foods, beer and wine. Enjoy live music, parades and spectacular fireworks. Have fun celebrating Independence Day with your family and friends. Here are a few of the larger 4th of July Celebrations, Parades and Fireworks going on in the San Francisco Bay Area and major U.S. cities:

4th of July Celebrations, Festivals, Parades & Fireworks

Happy Independence Day! BBQ, family, friends, beer, wine, parades, fireworks – have FUN celebrating the 4th of July! Where are you celebrating the 4th of July this year? Find out what Fun 4th of July Festivities & Fireworks are going on in your city – just click on a link below:

Fun 4th of July Festivals, Parades & Fireworks

Happy “Independence Day” –  Have FUN celebrating the 4th of July! Click on the link below to find out what’s going on in your city. More Info on Fun 4th of July Festivals, Parades & Firework Displays   Copyright 2011 lovetoeatandtravel.com All Rights Reserved

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