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“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

Shanghai Skyline China
Shanghai Skyline (Pudong Business District and Bund waterfront promenade), Shanghai, China

Shanghai, a bustling modern metropolis, is China’s financial center and second largest city. Its unique culture combines Chinese and Western elements. Shanghai’s ultramodern Pudong business district lies directly across the Huangpu River and busy Bund waterfront promenade. Its stately art deco and historic European buildings house the government’s State Departments of Trade, Finance and Banking. Popular with tourists and locals alike – seniors perform Tai Chi exercises and dance to traditional Chinese music each morning at sunrise. At night, colorful neon lights illuminate the Bund and Pudong.

Fun Shanghai Attractions & City Sightseeing Tours

Tour Shanghai’s and Suzhou’s historic temples and famous gardens. Visit museums and historical palaces. Cruise on the Huangpu River and Grand Canal. Fun Shanghai attractions include:

  • The Bund
    Admire the magnificent architecture as you stroll along the Bund.
  • Children’s Palace
    Following the Cultural Revolution, Children’s Palaces were created all over China, providing after-school education for gifted children.
  • Grand Canal
    Take a scenic boat ride through the narrow waterways of Shanghai’s Grand Canal.
  • Huangpu River
    Enjoy a leisurely ferry ride across the scenic Huangpu River and visit Shanghai’s ultramodern Pudong business district.
  • Orient Pearl TV Tower
    This is the tallest TV tower in Asia. Visit its Observation Deck and revolving restaurant – the water and Shanghai city views are stunning, especially at night.
  • Shopping at Nanjing Road
    This famous shopping mecca is visited by millions of tourists each year.
  • Silk Spinning Factory
    See how Chinese silk has been produced since the 14th century.
  • Shanghai Wildlife Zoo
    The zoo is home to over 10,000 animals, including South China Tigers and Giant Pandas.

  • Jade Buddha Temple
    The temple houses two exquisite Buddha statues – a White Burmese Jade reclining Buddha and a giant seated Jade Buddha – and a complete set of Buddhist scripture printed in the Qing Dynasty about 200 years ago.
  • Shanghai Museum
    A “must-see” museum – one of four major museums in China, famous for its 123,000-piece collection of ancient Chinese cultural relics.
  • Suzhou
    Referred to as “The Venice of the East.”
  • Suzhou Gardens
    Of all the gardens south of the Yangtze River, Suzhou is the most remarkable amongst them. It contains the essential “four elements” of the Chinese garden – pavilions, water, vegetation and rocks.
  • Yu Yuan Bazaar
    The city’s largest Flea Market – its narrow lanes are dotted with over 100 shops, as well as teahouses, wine houses, snack bars, restaurants, a lotus pond, a zigzag bridge, and the famous Yu Yuan Gardens and China’s oldest teahouse.
  • Yu Yuan Gardens and Old Teahouse
     This is the most famous classical garden in Shanghai. The Old Teahouse dates back to 1784.

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The Best Time To Visit Shanghai

The best time to visit Shanghai is in the Spring (March-May) and Fall (October-November) when temperatures are mild and there are less crowds. Peak tourist season is summer which is also rainy season. Winters can be overcast and cold. We visited Shanghai in October and the weather was perfect 🙂

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